PainChek® Shared Care Program

PainChek® Shared Care program is a way of providing family carers with the latest pain assessment tools to assess and manage pain of the person they are caring for, in the home setting.

The Shared Care program enables a professional carer to extend their PainChek® license to a home-based family carer, so that they can continue to conduct pain assessments with PainChek® in between professional clinical consultations.

Benefits of PainChek® Shared Care

1. Enabling accuracy and monitoring of pain in the home setting.


2. Facilitates continuity of care between professional carer visits.


3. Family Carers are supported and trained on how to use PainChek by a qualified carer.


4. Connected data and monitoring of patient assessments facilitates better pain management decisions and outcomes.

Accessing Shared Care License 

A subscription to the Shared Care program is available to family carers that are receiving support from a professional Home Care Operator with a PainChek Shared Care License.

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