About PainChek®

PainChek® is an app that is used to diagnose and monitor pain in people who cannot verbalise their pain


PainChek® is the world’s first pain assessment tool that has regulatory clearance in Australia and Europe.

Using AI and facial recognition technology, PainChek® provides carers with three important benefits:


1. The ability to identify the presence of pain, when pain isn’t obvious

2. To quantify the severity of pain, and;

3. To monitor the effectiveness of pain treatment and make adjustment as required.

It uses existing smartphone and tablet hardware to enable a simple, objective and accurate assessment of pain.

How does PainChek® Work?

PainChek is a secure smart-phone or tablet based medical device that uses artificial intelligence and your input, to assess a person’s level of pain. PainChek provides a pain score in real time, which will help you gauge whether treatment is required. This information is then securely stored in the cloud and if you chose to, can be shared with your GP or healthcare professional.


Automated reporting features enable you to see times and patterns of a person’s pain. It uses existing smartphone and tablet hardware to enable a simple, objective and accurate assessment of pain.


PainChek allows you, the carer to identify and measure a person’s level of pain and supports you to assess and manage a person’s pain experience. PainChek calculates a pain score and experience. PainChek calculates a pain score and intensity (ie No Pain, Mild, Moderate or Severe). This then allows you, the carer to intervene if pain is present and manage pain accordingly.


It is important to note that PainChek will not give you advise on what to do if pain is detected. In these instances you should always seek medical advice from your healthcare professional.


It is also important to assess and reassess the person’s pain after every you have tried to manage their pain, to ensure the process of pain management is working. In any circumstances when you are unsure or have concerns about the well-being of the person you are caring for, please contact your healthcare professional.

PainChek® Shared Care Program

PainChek is currently being used by professional care providers in residential aged care facilities and in home-care settings across Australia. Access is granted with each institution via license agreement.


Currently PainChek is available to family carers that are receiving support from a professional Home Care Program. The PainChek Shared Care program enables a professional carer to extend their PainChek license to a home-based family carer, so that they can continue to conduct pain assessments with PainChek in between professional clinical consultations.

Pain and Dementia

Pain and Dementia Pain commonly occurs in people with dementia. Detecting it can be challenging, as people with dementia can have difficulty verbalising when they are in pain. PainChek helps you to identify if changes in behaviour that might mean a person is in pain.