Our purpose is to give a voice to people who cannot verbalise their pain

Available on Smartphone and Tablet

What is PainChek®?

PainChek is an app that is used to diagnose and monitor pain for people who cannot verbalise their pain, such as those with dementia.

It uses exisiting smartphone and tablet hardware to enable a simple, objective and accurate assessment of pain.

How does PainChek® Work?

PainChek is a secure smartphone or tablet based medical device that uses artificial intelligence and your input to assess a person’s level of pain.

PainChek provides a pain score in real time, which will help you gauge whether treatment is required. This information is then securely stored in the cloud and if you chose to it can be shared with your GP or healthcare professional.


For support please contact PainChek and a friendly representative will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

Contact PainChek
Phone: 1800 098 809

A subscription to PainChek® is available to family carers that are receiving support from a professional Home Care Operator with a PainChek® Shared Care License.

To find out more, contact PainChek®
Phone: 1800 098 809